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This is the staff member's (Real Property management company, Nihon Mount KK's workers) blog introducing about the local real properties (second-hand leisure house, second-hand condo, second-hand log house, old house) for enjoining the county life at resort - not only Yatsugatake, Azumino, Nasu Heights, Five lakes around Mt. Fuji, Karuizawa, South Boso, but also all Kanto-Koshin Area's ones.
Members write including the properties that are not listed on the website (because of the non-public secret sales) and describe their activities for the works. Our introduction of such properties may be fresh and first of any other management companies. If you are getting in difficulty for sales of your real property or leisure house, please contact us.
Although Nihon Mount is small entity and located in Tokyo (not in county side), we are confident to satisfy your requirement for the sales through the best matching with our 4,000 member customers to whom we already attract this website and have interest to buy those listed properties.
If you have any property having difficulty to sell, please request us to sell it even if you already asked this work for the local property agencies. We specialize to sell the log cabin or old typed house.
Lots of customers say they do not know how to sell the property or so troublesome for the process of the sales. Nihon Mount is the best agency for such customers and we will endeavor to satisfy.
We speculate that lots of house will become vacant for the near future in Japan and moreover, many people want to relocate to the country side. So, our role to find the good property and leisure house at country side, which our expertise area, will be more crucial than ever.

Introduction of the properties by English Language

We can introduce lots of land and house in English -when you give us your detailed request - land, property, location, budget etc., staff members explain or show you the property in English.
Feel free to contact via phone number, or e-mail address.

License Help for lodging or small hotel business (民泊&旅館業)

If you want to have a business with lodging, homestay (Minpaku) or small hotel business after buying the property. We will help you to obtain the license.
Since the requirement to obtain the license depends on the local regulation where the property is located, you may need the professional to do such a complicated procedure, we will accept to help this procedure.
Note that most of the cases, advance research before the construction or reform of the property is required for this business, and even if the property is not qualified after the advance research, the fee for the research will be charged to you.


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